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Virtual Treatment

Dr. McCoy is pleased to offer the convenience of virtual treatment to all of our patients!

This is cutting-edge treatment portal will save you time in your busy schedule.  We are proud to offer it to you. Dr. McCoy personally reviews and answers each new patient who sends photos using our portal below.  What a great time saver! If you are a current patient in treatment, do not use this page.  You need to use a different page than this so that your photos are properly routed to Dr. McCoy for review. Current patients, please go to our Current Patient Virtual Treatment Portal page.

If you are a new patient, then welcome to our portal!

I am pleased and honored that you have chosen me to care for your orthodontic needs. I care deeply about each and every one of my patients and strive to provide you with the best orthodontic treatment available anywhere.  ~ Dr. McCoy Please take a series of 6 photographs using the guidelines below and submit them to us using the form on this page.  Your submission generates an email that goes directly to Dr. McCoy, which will allow Dr. McCoy to see exactly what we should straighten for you and how to tailor your treatment to your particular problem.  Dr. McCoy will reply to your email with his findings. Please proceed to learning How it Works below and once Dr. McCoy receives your photos, he will contact you to discuss your treatment options. If you are a current patient, then please click here to get to our Virtual Treatment Office for Patients in Treatment.  Current Invisalign patients should not continue on this page since the instructions are different for how you are to take your photos.  Again, click to go to our Current Patient Virtual Treatment Portal.

How it Works:


How to Photograph Your Smile

Please brush your teeth well and rinse out. Photos should be taken in a room with good light shining onto your teeth, but with minimal or no light behind you, or else your teeth will look dark because the camera will find that light or that bright wall behind you.  For best results, have someone else take the photos since they can be difficult to take on your own, unless you do it yourself in front of a well-lit bathroom mirror using the back camera of your phone. Don’t use the selfie camera since it’s not as good of a camera. All the photos must be taken with the phone held vertically, so it’s a narrow shot, not a wide shot like a movie screen. Hold your camera 6-12 inches away from your teeth and use the zoom function to get closer.  You will see the front of your phone in the bathroom mirror and you zoom in to get the photo.  Don’t move the camera too close!  Moving your camera closer than 6-12 inches will take a blurry photo and block light.  Holding your camera too far away and zooming in will make the photos have a low resolution and be blurry when viewed on our portal.  Taking the photos yourself in the mirror, try 6 holding the camera inches away.  If someone else is taking the photos, try 8-12 inches. Once you have the camera at the proper distance, only then should you zoom in so that all you see are your teeth. Neither you nor your helper should use the front, selfie camera of your phone since the back one zooms better. Make sure the image on your phone is in focus before taking it, and check a final time that what you are showing in the frame is mostly teeth, with minimal face. We don’t need photos of your face or your room, so zoom!  Finally, make sure your photo is as good and as close and as well lit and as in-focus as the example photo before uploading it. The closer in quality that your photo is to the example photo, the better information Dr. McCoy has to work with. This is fun and pretty cool, cutting-edge stuff.  Practice a bit and take some awesome photos, please! You can contact our office via email if you have any questions about doing this.  You can use the Contact section along the right side of this page, part way down from the top, below our phone number.