Munchies Vibe

The vibrating Munchie-Vibe device can help you get the most out of your Invisalign or braces treatment.

Our goal is for every patient to use a Munchie-Vibe.  Why?  It helps with comfort and predictability of tooth movement.  It helps move your teeth into your aligners, which is how aligners work. It also helps with tooth movements for our braces patients.

The Munchie-Vibe device was developed at a top orthodontic school and is designed to be used once a day for 12 minutes.  Here is a video that explains the Muchies-Vibe:

Other vibrating devices for aligners cost over $1000 and do not include the munchie component and are therefore less effective.

The cost for the Munchies-Vibe is less than $190 the last time we checked.  This is less than a fifth of the cost of the less-effective aligner seating devices.

You can purchase a Munchies-Vibe and replacement parts online here:

Purchase Munchies-Vibe Online

For families, you can share the vibrating portion and just separately purchase extra pieces that go in your mouth.

There is no need to buy two vibrating units!

You can find these parts here, and they are only $24 the last time we checked.

Munchies-Vibe Attachment Heads

Order your Munchie-Vibe today so you can have the most comfortable orthodontic experience possible and to increase the predictability of your planned tooth movements.

It will even speed up your treatment for you!


Dr. McCoy