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Dr. Kevin McCoy and his team work together to provide the highest quality orthodontic services in a friendly, caring manner.  

We let the patient decide if they want braces or clear aligners to straighten their teeth.  

With early monitoring as your child’s permanent teeth erupt, monitoring that should start at age six, Dr. McCoy can help you prevent the development of difficult to correct orthodontic problems that dentists simply let happen.

Did you know that the longer you wait to first see an orthodontist, the longer your teenager will need to be in braces?  That’s a big bummer.

We all need to think Prevention Orthodontics, because Dr. McCoy can help prevent orthodontic problems from arising AS your child’s teeth start to erupt at age six, without braces, so that when your child does need braces at around age twelve, their treatment will be shorter, and you will get more value out of their treatment just in case your teenager isn’t a good cooperator.

When you come in at age six, we take photos and you go home.  That’s it.  

We put you on recall to monitor the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth because Dr. McCoy knows the right time and how to prevent orthodontic problems from becoming difficult and time-consuming to correct simply because your dentist said to wait until they lost all of their baby teeth.  

Nowhere, in any book, is it advised to wait until you lose all of your primary teeth to see an orthodontist.

Dr. McCoy’s team been working together for many years, providing orthodontic excellence and happy smiles to our patients.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality orthodontic treatment for all our patients with a personal touch in a supportive and caring environment.  We love what we do and it shows!

Dr. McCoy has over 30 years of orthodontic experience and over 20 years of clear aligner treatment, combining new technology with a commitment to quality and patient comfort.  Dr. McCoy graduated at the top of his class in 1990 from the number three orthodontic school in the world at Northwestern University.  

Dr. McCoy’s office has been paperless since 1993 and he continues to be at the leading edge of orthodontic technology!

Dr. McCoy is a perfectionist – isn’t that what you want from your orthodontist?


Ever been told you are not an Invisalign or SureSmile 

Clear Aligner Candidate and must settle for braces?


Everyone is a SureSmile and Invisalign Clear Aligner candidate at Prevention Orthodontics with Dr. McCoy!

We treat many patients who were told by other doctors that they couldn’t have Invisalign or SureSmile Clear Aligners.  

If you want SureSmile or Invisalign clear aligners or Invisalign Teen, Dr. McCoy and his team CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Elite SureSmile and Invisalign Clear Aligner orthodontist Dr. Kevin McCoy has treated thousands of SureSmile and Invisalign patients, no matter how difficult the problem.  You deserve 21st century orthodontic care!

Dr. McCoy uses the latest advances in orthodontics available today and can treat you with SureSmile and Invisalign Clear Aligners faster, better, and with great results.  The difference is in the training and attention to detail.  View before and after results

Choose the Right orthodontist in Chicago and Mount Prospect – Dr. McCoy!

  • We offer iTero 3D scanning that eliminates the need for bulky, messy, dental impressions (yuck!)
  • Choose from multiple treatment options to meet your personalized needs, including clear and metal braces, or clear aligner treatment with SureSmile and Invisalign.
  • Looking to get through treatment Fast?   We offer two treatment options to accelerate tooth movement: Propel and Dimpling.  Click on the links to find out more.


Our practice is not only focused on you achieving a beautiful and healthy smile but also providing  you with the highest level of patient care.

  • We are respectful of your appointment time.  We do our best to stay on time so you can, too.
  • Our goal is to make orthodontic treatment affordable for everyone. 
  • Multiple payment options including are available with interest-free financing and discounts for multiple family members! 
  • We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • We offer a patient rewards program to motivate both adults and kids interested in their treatment.  Plus, you can win prizes and gift cards just for being awesome!


Throughout the years, we have witnessed the positive effect that excellent orthodontic care can have on the lives of our patients and the self confidence that develops from a beautiful smile.

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20 Years of Invisalign Experience

Don’t trust your smile to automated software -
Dr. McCoy designs your tooth movements himself.

An early adopter of SureSmile and Invisalign clear aligner treatment, Dr. McCoy is the only orthodontist in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan that can treat 99% of patients with clear aligners. We still do braces if that’s your style!

Invisalign Prevention Orthodontics in Chicago and Mt. Prospect, IL

Orthodontist vs. Dentist

Dentists mistakenly adopt a wait and see approach for your growing child because dentists were not trained about Prevention Orthodontics!

And can’t my dentist straighten my teeth?

Patients Love the Prevention Orthodontics Team!

Good place very nice employees
Response from the owner: Thank you for the nice comments about Prevention Orthodontics with Dr. McCoy!
Quick easy and way more affordable Invisalign treatment
The staff is amazing and Dr. McCoy is a master in making smiles!
The staff is very gentle and nice. They helped my older sons and are now on my youngest. We've had a great experience!
Response from the owner: We love when patients bring family and friends because they like us. Thank you for the nice review.
Dr. McCoy is the only orthodontist in the Midwest that GUARANTEES 💯 % completion of your orthodontic Tx using Invisalign, when those other Dr's say your case is too complicated.
Have visited both offices of Dr. McCoy’s and have nothing but high praise for the staff and care of patients like me!
Dr. McCoy and his staff go above and beyond to ensure the care of their patients are top priority. They manage your Invisalign plan/journey so well and are always on top of things! 10/10 recommend.
Dr. Mccoy might seem to be a bit busy in every appointment, but he is actually very patient and really listens to my concerns. Just tell him and his staff what you want and he will do it professionally.
Response from the owner: Thank you so much for your nice comments, and I hope you enjoy your beautiful smile!
Years after wearing braces as a teen, my teeth shifted significantly and were getting worse. I consulted four Invisalign providers before choosing Dr. McCoy. While he was NOT the cheapest, his pricing was competitive and transparent. These days, even general dentists offer Invisalign, but Dr. McCoy is an ORTHODONTIST, which means he received formal training on the movement of teeth. Very important since that's the whole point of braces/Invisalign. Upon further research, I learned that Dr. McCoy went to a top dental school (Northwestern), was one of the first to offer Invisalign when the technology came out, and is a top provider of Invisalign treatments nationally. Besides knowledge, expertise, and experience, it's obvious from talking to Dr. McCoy that he really enjoys his line of work!The actual Invisalign treatment was WAY more pleasant than traditional braces were. Took about two days to get used to wearing the aligners. No metal wires, brackets, or rubber bands. Personally, I never experienced any aches, pains, or cuts. Cleaning the plastic aligners was easier than cleaning hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Aligners were barely noticeable when worn, but they do have a bit of reflection- wasn't an issue for me though. It was awesome to be able to take aligners off to enjoy a meal or to take some quick photos. But for best results, the instructions say to keep aligners on as much as possible, especially overnight!I was given about 12 aligners at the time, each lasting one week, therefore I had in-office appointments once every three months. Pretty reasonable. Can't imagine having NO supervision for an orthodontic treatment like those "do it yourself at home" kits that try to mimic Invisalign. I visited the office on Montrose Ave in Chicago. Decent area. Usually plenty of street parking right outside the office. Appointments were punctual and I never felt rushed, but they were pretty quick (~20 minutes). Staff was always professional, friendly, and accommodative. Was impressed with the COVID-19 precautions taken by the office.Hopefully I'll never need to visit Dr. McCoy for braces again, but I would highly recommend others to consider him!
My sister whent here and now its my turn this place is realy amazing
Dr McCoy is great! My son loves going to him. I love that fact that is up on technology and uses it fully. With a name like Dr McCoy I expect a doctor that embraces the future and boldly goes where no man has gone before. 🙂 The fact that he can solve all cases with Invisalign is awesome.I also loved the school he went to for dentistry. I was a patient at Northwestern Dental School and wish I knew him back them. He new the doctors that oversaw the students that handled my case.I have recommended him to a few people/family members that was looking for an great orthodontist.
Please take the time to read this review. Dr. McCoy and his team offer a healthcare experience that I have never seen in 20+ years of providing and receiving healthcare. Above and beyond does not come close to describing the quality of care that this office provides. Dr. McCoy is providing Invisalign treatment for my 11 yr old daughter. In the midst of this pandemic, Dr. McCoy and his team immediately made alternate plans as to continue the high quality of care despite the state wide shelter at home order. My daughter was able to initiate and continue her Invisalign treatment without any delay. Though the office is very busy, Dr. McCoy is a master at time management and spends time with each and every patient. My family has never felt rushed through appointments. All our questions and concerns are always quickly addressed. I completely trust Dr. McCoy and his team. I will have no problems bringing my son to him for orthodontics in the future. Dr. Kevin McCoy is a wonderful and highly gifted doctor.
Dr.McCoy office is a place that will do their all in order for you to get those perfect straight teeth. Whether it’s giving you advice or giving you new Aliners that you have loss. Nothing bad to say about them
The workers help you with anything you need. It is so easy to use and convenient.
The people that work there are very nice and very helpful. You can barely see it. It does not hurts your mouth either which is awesome.
Nice and enjoyable place to get your treatment done 👍.
Great place. Very enjoyable too.
I go here personally and I chose it over all my other choices. They have friendly workers that make the job quick and easy. I recommend to everyone!
Awesome place, very recommended place if you need an orthodontist. Good atmosphere and awesome workers. Keep it up!!
I’ve had a great experience here and got my braces off after 2 years and the staff is very friendly:)