Why SureSmile® Clear Aligners


SureSmile® Custom Wires

will have you smiling sooner!

SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile Clear Aligners are more efficient and faster than Invisalign Clear Aligners so your treatment time is shortened.

SureSmile Clear Aligners are truly clear, so they are less visible than Invisalign Clear Aligners.

SureSmile Clear Aligners need 80% fewer attachments (clear bumps on your teeth) than Invisalign.

You get a free micro-vibrating device, a V-Pro, with every SureSmile Clear Aligner case, something not included with Invisalign Clear Aligners.  To learn why using a V-Pro will make your treatment more predictable and comfortable, see our PROPEL page.

SureSmile Custom Wires

Let’s say you’re getting braces.  While you’re excited about getting that great smile that Dr. McCoy is going to create for you, you may be nervous about wearing the wires and brackets. 

SureSmile Custom Wires makes straightening your teeth with braces a lot faster and easier compared to conventional orthodontic treatment.  During the early stage of your braces treatment, you will be digitally scanned and have custom wires fabricated that will comfortably and quickly move your teeth into their final positions. 

Through the use of SureSmile technology, Dr. Kevin McCoy offers you a clear aligner or braces experience that provides:

  • Shorter treatment times
  • Fewer office visits
  • Less overall discomfort
You can speak to us about adding the SureSmile package to your orthodontic treatment. 

SureSmile is changing the way people feel about their orthodontic treatment.

SureSmile’s technology-driven orthodontic process offers several important benefits that make the whole clear aligner and braces experience much easier for patients.

Shorter Treatment Times

You’ve probably heard from friends or family members that wearing clear aligners or braces is a long-term commitment, taking two years on average.  While that may be true of traditional orthodontic treatments, it’s not true for SureSmile. 

Through the use of SureSmile’s sophisticated 3-D imaging, treatment planning, and customized precision clear aligners and arch wires, Dr. McCoy can reduce treatment time compared to that of conventional Invisalign clear aligner treatment or conventional braces.

Fewer Office Visits

In addition to shortening treatment times, the greater efficiency of the SureSmile system also helps reduce the number of clear aligner refinements (extra scans and extra clear aligners) and for braces patients, SureSmile reduces the number of wire changes and adjustments that you’ll need.

This means fewer trips to the office to get your smile.  The SureSmile system’s 3-D software lets Dr. McCoy analyze how to effectively and efficiently align your teeth.  Through this software, personalized clear aligners and personalized arch wires are designed and fabricated to move your teeth into proper alignment smoothly and directly, reducing the number of maintenance visits.

Less Overall Discomfort

Anyone who has worn either clear aligners or braces will probably tell you that there can be sensitivity.  Wire adjustments and wire changes were the least favorite part of the process because they usually caused discomfort.  Fortunately, the SureSmile system is engineered to maximize therapeutic efficiency of each wire, significantly reducing the number of adjustments needed and increasing the comfort level.  

This means fewer episodes of discomfort over the course of your treatment!