John K

Dr McCoy is great! My son loves going to him. I love that fact that is up on technology and uses it fully. With a name like Dr McCoy I expect a doctor that embraces the future and boldly goes where no man has gone before. 🙂 The fact that he can solve all cases with Invisalign is awesome.

I also loved the school he went to for dentistry. I was a patient at Northwestern Dental School and wish I knew him back them. He new the doctors that oversaw the students that handled my case.

I have recommended him to a few people/family members that was looking for a great orthodontist.

Dio V

Jackie A

We were recommended by a friend. The office staff is very efficient. They always return a call and follow up quickly. I was impressed with Dr. McCoy’s treatment plan as it was very detailed and the staff spend quality time to make sure I was well informed with my decision. Most importantly, I feel confident with the experience Dr McCoy has in his field. Also, I was impressed that they are digitally savvy.