Elastics for Children – Part Time

Part-time elastics wear is pretty easy, but still pretty important for your child’s orthodontic treatment.

The purpose of part-time elastics is to hold progress that we have made, so please be sure that your child wears their elastics about half time.  That means just wear them at home and sleeping. 

Another purpose of part time elastics may be to focus some tooth movement that we desire.  So, if the elastics are not worn, teeth may move in opposite directions than what we desire.  We certainly don’t want that!

Your child has to be pretty decent with part-time elastics, so gentle reminders are all that is needed if you notice them not wearing them when at home and sleeping.

Use fresh elastics every day because they take on water and become less effective.  

Your child’s orthodontic treatment progress is pretty good at the part-time elastics stage, so congratulations, and we will see your child at their next appointment to check their part-time elastics wear and keep working diligently to get their smile to be beautiful.


Dr. McCoy and staff