Bonded Retainer Care

This is what a Bonded, or Fixed Retainer Looks Like

What you Need to Know about your Bonded Retainer

The purpose of your bonded, or fixed retainer is to hold your beautiful teeth in their current position.

Without a retainer, your teeth will move.

Teeth move for the rest of your life, so you will need to maintain your retainer for a very long time.

If you ever have your fixed retainer removed, we would recommend immediately getting a clear removable retainer to wear at night so that your teeth don’t move.

We would be happy to arrange making a clear removable retainer for you!

Avoid Biting Into Hard Foods

You cannot bite into hard foods because your retainer will get loose.  There is a repair fee if your retainer gets loose, so to avoid this, please watch what you eat.

We have a nice webpage that you can visit by clicking, Brace Watcher’s Diet.  The diet for a bonded retainer is the same as it is for braces.  Please review this page to learn how to care for your bonded retainer.

Some doctors and patients call your bonded retainer a permanent retainer.  That’s not a great name, because it is not permanent – hard foods can break it, so please take care!

Brush and Floss Around Your Bonded Retainer

It is vital that you brush very well around your bonded retainer and that you floss every day.

Plaque can accumulate and lead to dangerous calculus and then gum disease.

There are lots of wonderful videos on YouTube on how to brush and floss around your bonded retainer.  Please review one if you have any other problems.  We have a link to a nice video at the bottom of this page.

We hope you take great care with your bonded retainer so that your teeth remain straight and safe from periodontal issues.


Dr. McCoy and Staff

Here is a nice video made by a doctor in England about bonded retainer care.  You can view it right here on our page: